About Us

Japan-Blades.com was established in 2008 as the direct online shop operated by Kitasho Co., Ltd. We ship worldwide.

You will be able to choose from a wide selection of outdoor knives and kitchen knives. They are 100% made in Japan and made one by one by skillful and trustworthy craftsmen. We are sure you can find items you need on Japan-Blades.com

Kitasho Co., Ltd.

Kitasho Co., Ltd. was established in Seki City, Japan in 1948. Seki city is called “The Town of Cutlery” in Japan and also overseas. Our characteristics are overwhelmingly large number of connection for knives and knowledge accumulated from our experience over many years.

We are one of leading distributors for outdoor knives, kitchen knives, cutlery and accessories in Japan. We have good experience in distributing these knives and have successfully developed demand by working actively in the market.

On the other hand “Kanetsune Seki” is our original brand and has become world-famous for Japanese high quality outdoor knives and kitchen knives. You can see and purchase Kanetsune products on Japan-Blades.com.

In conclusion, we would like to contribute to customers in serving marvelous Japanese knives directly from Japan by utilizing these experience. Our goal is to bring a smile in the world by serving outstanding products made in Japan.

We look forward to hearing from you.