KC-351 Usubagata 165mm by Kanetsune Seki

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KC-351 Usubagata 165mm

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Hon-Warikomi, clad blades made of Takefu-Shiro-2 high carbon steel cutting core, sandwiched between SUS410 stainless steel which provides excellent edge retention, HRC 62-63

The Saya cover (wooden sheath) is sold separately.

To see the Saya cover KC-634 

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     KC-351 Usubagata 165mm

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BRAND Kanetsune Seki
MODEL # KC-351
SERIES 510 series
MODEL NAME KC-351 Usubagata 165mm
BLADE LENGTH 165mm (6.49")
BLADE STEEL Takefu-Shiro-2 core / SUS410 stainless steel
HRC 62 - 63
BLADE TYPE Usubagata
SHEATH KC-634 (separately sold)
ORIGIN Made in Japan
SALE PRICE (US$) 50.00

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