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SAJI-161 Takeshi Saji made “Musashi 270″

SAJI-161 Takeshi Saji made “Musashi 270″


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The Japanese word “Musashi” means the name of the famous swordsman in 17th century in Japan. Unlike other knives, this one has no handle, but wrapped with the Paracord that makes this model more like one of those “Tactical” style knives. The blade is made from Japanese Traditional high carbon steel, Shirogami (White Steel) layered Damascus Shirogami steel is a refined carbon steel that does not contain any ingredients that can be easily to re-sharpen the edge when re-sharpening is required. The knife comes with a wooden sheath.

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NameMusashi 270
Blade SteelWhite Steel (Shirogami) layered Damascus
Handle MaterialParacord wrapped
Blade Length(mm)270mm (10.6")
Blade Thickness5.5mm
Sheath MaterialWood
Country of OriginMade in Japan
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