KC-572 Yanagiba 300mm by Kanetsune Seki


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Kanetsune Seki Sword Point Yanagiba series STAINLESS YANAGIBA 330mm /
Magnolia Wood handle

“HONKASUMI”…The knife blade is forged from two kinds of steel (by joining
the soft Jigane to the harder hagane) like samurai swords, the steel forming
the blade’s edge and the iron forming the blade’s body and spine.

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BRAND Kanetsune Seki
MODEL # KC-572
SERIES Sword point yanagiba
OVERALL LENGTH 450mm (17.7")
BLADE LENGTH 300mm ( 11.82" )
BLADE STEEL VG-10 Stainless steel, Honkasumi
HRC 59 - 60
BLADE TYPE Sword point yanagiba 300mm
HANDLE MATERIAL Octagonal Magnolia / Water Baffalo Horn Bolster
LIST PRICE (US$) 846.00
SALE PRICE (US$) 250.00

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