KC-179 Sujihiki 270mm by Kanetsune Seki

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In stock now !!

KC-178 Sujihiki 240mm

KC-171 Gyutou 180mm, KC-172 Gyutou 210mm, KC-173 Gyutou 240mm

KC-174 Gyutou 270mm, KC-175 Gyutou 300mm

KC-176 Petty 120mm, KC-177 Petty 150mm

KC-183 Honesuki-Kaku 150mm

KC-185 Santoku 180mm

BRAND Kanetsune Seki
MODEL # KC-179
BLADE LENGTH 270mm ( 10.62" )
BLADE STEEL AUS-10 Stainless Steel
HRC 59 - 60
BLADE TYPE Sujihiki 270mm
HANDLE MATERIAL Plywood w/ Stainless steel bolster
SALE PRICE (US$) 220.00

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