CM2018 Prunier knife 180mm by Sugimoto


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Sugimoto is one of the high class kitchen knife manufactures in Japan.
They have been producing high-end kitchen knives for professional chefs.
Each blade is carefully hand sharpened and polished to a razor edge by
skillful craftsmen.

<Sugimoto CM product>
This rust-restraint knives which is made of high-carbon steel with chromium
molybdenum is equal in sharpness and hardness to carbon steel knives.

*for all-purpose use except for hard material such as bones and frozen

*Please handle carefully when you use their knives, these are extremely

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BRAND Sugimoto
MODEL # CM2018
BLADE LENGTH 180mm ( 7.08" )
BLADE STEEL Chrome Molybdenum steel
BLADE TYPE Prunier knife 180mm
HANDLE MATERIAL Black laminated wood
LIST PRICE (US$) 179.00
SALE PRICE (US$) 143.20

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