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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much is the shipping and handling charges to my country?
A: The shipping & handling charges is US7.00- if the total amount of your order is less than US$150.00- and it’s the flat rate for all of your order, it means even if you order more than one knife, the shipping charge will be only
US$7.00- or none. We offer free insured EMS shipping for all “in-stock” items if your initial order is US$150.00- or more.

Your order will be shipped out by EMS (Express Mail Service) through post office Thu afternoon local time.
Once the shipment is made, we will email you the tracking info.
Q: Are there any Swords on Japan-Blades.com?
A: We are sorry that we had not posted any Swords at this point.
However we will post some Japanese swords in the future.
We would like to know what kind of swords you want to buy.
from Japan. We would like to refer to your opinion about Swords if we could.
Q: What are the differences between Usuba and Nakiri? You state this knife is a Usuba and yet it has a double bevel - surely that means it is not a Usuba but a Nakiri.
A: We are sorry that you are confused. However, we don’t distinguish Usuba and Nakiri in Japan. They are almost same meaning. But I have ever heard that someone say that Nakiri is double bevel(Ryouba) and Usuba is single bevel (Kataha). Then we will write single bevel or double bevel in Usuba(Nakiri).
Q: Could you tell me the difference between the Kanemasa  Minamoto M-series and Honsho E-series?
A: The difference between the Kanemasa Minamoto M-series and Honsho E-series is the steel material itself.
The one used in Honsho E-series tends to have more carbon content and bit harder than Minamoto M-series, so it would be easier for average people (non-professional) to use Minamoto M-series.
Q: How is the Kanemasa Minamoto M-series line on sale different from the Kanemasa Honsho E-series? What is the weight and approximate blde thickness of the Minamoto-Kanemasa 240mm gyuto?
A: The blade thickness of the Minamoto Kanemasa Gyutou 240mm is approximately 2.0mm (max)(0.08″) and the weight is about 205gr (7.23oz).
The difference between Minamoto Kanemasa and Honsho Kanemasa E-series is the steel material itself.
The one used in Honsho E-series tends to have more carbon content and bit harder than Minamoto M-series, so it would be easier for average people (non-professional) using the Minamoto series. We hope this might help you.
Q: Hi, I am interested in Honsho-Kanemasa E-series gyuto 240mm. How wide is the blade? And what would be the Rockwell hardness of the blade? Thanks.
A: The width of the bottom of the blade is 45mm(1-3/4inch).
The HRC is around 60-61.
Q: Can you help me find a piece of Hitachi Blue Super steel? I want to make a plane blade, and I can’t find this steel in California.
A:  Thank you for your inquiry about the steel.
We might consider to provide Japanese made steel blanks in the future, but unfortunately, we are not dealing with any steel blanks at least for the time being. Your understanding is highly appreciated.