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KH-21 Koji Hara made “Uroko-Pearl Cowry-Y”

KH-21 Koji Hara made “Uroko-Pearl Cowry-Y”


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This is an artistic small knife made by a Japanese famous custom knife maker Koji Hara.

“Uroko” means scales of fishes.
The blade is made of the steel called “Cowry Y”– a powdered metallurgical steel not available in the United States.
This steel is capable of a higher hardness without being brittle. The resulting edge has extremely good edge retention.

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NameKoji Hara made "Uroko-Pearl Cowry-Y"
Blade SteelCowry-Y
Handle MaterialBlack Lip Mother of Pearl
Overall Length(mm)145mm (5.7")
Blade Length(mm)60mm (2.4")
Weight60g (2.1 oz.)
Country of OriginMade in Japan
Our Price(US$)800,00-