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IS-5 Seizo Imai made 3″Drop Point Hunter / Stag Handle

IS-5 Seizo Imai made 3″Drop Point Hunter / Stag Handle


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IS-5 Seizo Imai made 3″ Drop-point Hunter/Stag handle 

This knife is a replica of the famous “Loveless 3″ Drop point Hunter”. Very smooth action and it has a beautiful Stag handle, with solid Nickel silver hilt and rivets with Lanyard hole. ATS-34 Mirror finished Drop-point blade, 4.0mm thick hollow ground blade and tapered full tang.

Seizo Imai is a so skillfull custom knife maker. We are worried about that he is not known in the world because he had never attended any exhibition like the Blade show and so on. But we do know that Mr. Seizo have been making a number of high grade custom knife replicas of Loveless, Jess Horn’s knives, and old Remington folders and so on for a long time in Seki City, Japan. So we do recommend Mr.Seizo Imai’s knives on Japam-Blades.com. He has been highly appreciated by knife enthusiasts in Japan.

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NameSeizo Imai made 3" Drop Point Hunter / Stag handle
Blade SteelATS-34
Handle MaterialStag
Overall Length(mm)210mm (8.3inch)
Blade Length(mm)76mm (3.00 inch)
Our Price(US$)370.00