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Fukuchi pokcet knife replica, 1890 model

Fukuchi pokcet knife replica, 1890 model


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This is the monument of Mr.Fukuchi, the pioneer in the pocket knife making in Japan.

Mr. Hirozaemon Fukuchi (1853-1949) was the man who had succeeded to produce factory made pocket knives for the first time in Japan in 1888. So we call him the primogenitor of pocket knives in Japan. Now Seki-City in Japan is well known around the world as the capital of knife making, so the origin of knife making in Seki was started from Mr. Fukuchi.

This knife is the exact replica of 1890 model, which is known as the oldest Japanese folding knife designed in Meiji era Only 150 pieces had been made in 2003 to cerebrate the 150th anniversary of his birth by skillful craftsmen in Seki.

The knife comes with a beautiful Kiri box (Paulownia wood box).

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NameFukuchi pokcet knife replica, 1890 model
Blade SteelBlue steel #2
Handle MaterialRed Sandalwood
Overall Length(mm)190mm (7-1/2inch)
Blade Length(mm)80mm (3-1/8inch)
Country of OriginMade in Japan
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