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Sugimoto SHM Product series Gyutou 180mm, 210mm, 240mm, 270mm

Sugimoto SHM Product series Gyutou 180mm, 210mm, 240mm, 270mm


Sugimoto is one of the high class kitchen knife manufactures in Japan.
They have been producing high-end kitchen knives for professional chefs. Each blade is carefully hand sharpened and polished to a razor edge by skillful craftsmen.

<Sugimoto SHM product> 
SHM series knives are the best grade.
This is completely hand crafted all through the process from forging to shaping, created with traditional craftsmanship. The methods use have been proven and developed over many years by the Sugimoto Family. This also is of high purified steel and will rust if not maintained properly


Due to the high purity of this steel, SHM Product will rust if not maintained properly.

*You can choose Edged for Right-handers or Left-handers at the same price !!! 

*for all-purpose use except for hard material such as bones and frozen products.

*Please handle carefully when you use their knives, these are extremely sharp!!!

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Model#Sugimoto SHM product series Gyutou
Blade SteelBest grade high carbon steel
Handle MaterialBlack laminated wood / steel bolster
Blade TypeGyutou
Country of OriginMade in Japan
Edged for