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Sugimoto CM Product Yo-Deba 210mm, 240mm

Sugimoto CM Product Yo-Deba 210mm, 240mm


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Sugimoto is one of the high class kitchen knife manufactures in Japan.
They have been producing high-end kitchen knives for professional chefs. Each blade is carefully hand sharpened and polished to a razor edge by skillful craftsmen.

<Sugimoto CM product> 
This rust-restraint knives which is made of high-carbon steel with chromium molybdenum is equal in sharpness and hardness to carbon steel knives.

*You can choose Edged for Right-handers or Left-handers at the same price !!! 

*for chopping fish and meat.

*Please handle carefully when you use their knives, these are extremely sharp!!!

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Model#CM2421(=210mm), CM2424(=240mm)
NameSugimoto CM Product Yo-Deba
Blade SteelChrome Molybdenum steel
Handle MaterialBlack Laminated Wood / Stainless steel bolster
Blade TypeYo-Deba
Country of OriginMade in Japan
Our Price(US$)CM2421 : 411.00-, CM2424 : 464.00-
Edged for