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G-04 Kanemasa Honsho G-series Yanagiba 270mm

G-04 Kanemasa Honsho G-series Yanagiba 270mm
Kanemasa Honsho G-series ~Kasumi-togi finished with water buffalo bolster~
#G-04 Yanagiba 270mm
Kanemasa Chef knives have been used as high-integrity and reasonable chef knife brand in Japan for years.

Kanemasa Honsho G-series knives are one of our original product lines. This is a true workhorse.
Kasumi-togi is one of the Sharpening style. The blade is finished like as fogged Mist by skillful crafstmen.

The blade itself is carefully hand-sharpened by skilled craftsmen in Seki-City, the place where people called it a city of knife making.
The blade material is White steel(Shirogami), the finest grade Japanese high carbon steel on the market that gives them greater cutting performance, HRC 60-61. The handle is made from Magnolia wooden handle with water Buffalo bolster and its durability is excellent.
Proudly made in Japan.

Traditional Japanese high carbon steel called Shirogami (White Steel) blade edge core / Kasumi-togi fineshed/ Magnolia wooden handle with water Buffalo bolster.

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NameKanemasa Honsho G-series Yanagiba 270mm
Blade SteelWhite Steel, shirogami #3 (HRC 60-61)
Handle MaterialMagnolia With Buffalo Horn (D-shaped)
Blade TypeYanagiba (one-side bevel)
Blade FinishKasumi-togi finished
Overall Length(mm)420mm (16.5")
Blade Length(mm)270mm (10.6")
Weight163g (5.7 oz.)
Our Price(US$)270.00-