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KC-726 Granshe Original Series Petty 120mm

KC-726 Granshe Original Series Petty 120mm

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Grandshe Original series knives are used by professional chefs very much in Japan.
The blade itself is made of one the finest grade high carbon stainless steel on the market that gives them greater rust resistance and cutting performance (HRC 57~58) and each blade is carefully hand-sharpened by skilled craftsmen in Seki-City.
The handle is made from black laminated wood and its durability is excellent. Full tang construction.
Proudly made in Japan.

NameGranshe Original Series Petty 120mm
Blade SteelStainless Molibdenum
Handle MaterialBlack Plywood (with hilt)
Blade TypePetty
Blade Length(mm)120mm(4.73 inch)
Our Price(US$)100.00- (Edged for Left-handers : 111.00-)
Edged for