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OT-3 Masamoto KS3430 Soba-kiri 300mm for Outlet

OT-3 Masamoto KS3430 Soba-kiri 300mm for Outlet


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This is one of our dead stocks for many years. So we would like to turn over this knife.

But this knife is very good except for a part of black paint faded away. The reason simply comes from the fact that we had wiped with ethanol by mistake to remove a little stain. And the box looks like old because this have been sleeping in our stock for many years.

So please look at the pictures carefully to nail down whether this knife is good for you.

Masamoto KS series ~Hon-Kasumi Gyokuhakukou~

#KS3430 Soba-Kiri 300mm

Soba-Kiri is used to cut Soba or Udon, Japanese tradistional noodles. After making knead dough of Soba or Udon and pounding it flat by hand, cut it parallel as same width by Soba-Kiri. Please look at Soba-Uchi scenesoba-uchi.jpg

Masamoto Chef knives have been used as the highest-integrity chef knife brand in Japan since 1872. Needless to say, Masamoto is one of the top brand of Chef knives in Japan and also in the world.

Hon-Kasumi is one of the Sharpening style. The blade is finished like as fogged Mist by skillful crafstmen.

KS series is one of the top line of Masamoto Chef Knifes.

Traditional Japanese high carbon steel called Shirogami (White Steel) blade edge core.

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NameMasamoto KS3430 Soba-kiri 300mm for Outlet
Blade SteelWhite steel (Shirogami)
Blade FinishHon-Kasumi
Blade Length(mm)300mm(11-3/4inch) Width 140mm(5-1/2inch)
Country of OriginMade in Japan
Our Price(US$)639.80-(Outlet price)---> 533.16-