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17 06 2008Tsuge Knives up!

Tsuge series knives are designed by a Japanese famous Author/Journalist Mr. Hisayoshi Tsuge.He was born in 1942 in Aichi-Prefecture in Japan. While he was a student of Keio University Japan,he traveled to Africa and joined the Katanga mercenary forces to fight in Congo civil war and joined French foreign legion afterwards.
In 1970’s he was working […]

11 06 2008Angler’s Knives by Fisuko Wada up!

Fisuko Wada is famous artist of drawing fishes and plants by writing brushes. He had migrated to Hida Takayama, Gifu Pref. in Japan. Hida Takayama is a famous region richly endowed with nature, beautiful moutains and streams. He is also an Specialist of fishing in mountain stream. The knives of his design are user-friendly and beautiful.  

07 06 2008“Tessen” posted! What is it?

Do you know “Tessen“?
It is a traditional Japanese Fan. It looks like only a folding fan. But the special characteristic is self-defense like a baton when we are suddenly attacked by anyone! The frames of both outsides are made of Iron. So it is like a baton when it is closed.
In ancient times in Japan, Samurais had been always […]

02 05 2008Japan Blades open !

We have been in knife business over 60years in Seki-City Japan, known as a capital of knife and sword making.
We will post a large selection of fine Japanese chef’s & hunting knives. Don’t miss it.

25 05 2006Hattori KD30-3717 HATTORI COWRY X DAMASCUS TANTO available !!!