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History of G.Sakai:
G.Sakai was a small knife maker when it started as Sakai Cutlery in 1958.
Sakai Cutlery has sought a way to make original knives while contributing greatly for the progress of the knife industry in Seki City.
Having been heavily influenced by Gerber Legendary Blades in USA, they have challenged to catch up with the highest quality then available all over the world & have learned more about the criteria for knife making at the same time.
In 1977, their long efforts & hard work was rewarded at last & they finally have obtained the chance of technical tie-up with Gerber Legendary Blades. The first work on the Silver Knight series has proved to be the milestone of G.Sakai.
As everyone knows, the Silver Knight has recorded the sales more than a million pieces in the market for a decade. Because of this feat, the world market has begun to aware of the high level of the Japanese knife industry.
After the success of the Silver Knight series, the company name has been changed two times before settling down on the current G.Sakai in 1982. Since then they have continued to expand the line of G.Sakai label knives while answering to a lot of demands from overseas famous knife makers on the basis of O.E.M.. G.Sakai now is known to many people for the variety of original designs. This is literary “YOU NAME IT WE HAVE IT”. Forged blade is also one of the line they carry.
G.Sakai have a Knife Museum to enjoy knife collection. A lot of beautiful, unique and valuable knives from many places all over the world. It is really worth seeing.

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